Out of this World: New Mexico's Contributions to Space Travel
Eighty years of research and adventures in New Mexico that contributed to the US manned space program and are now leading the way to commercial spaceflight. Named "Best New Mexico Book" in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards and won First Place in the General Nonfiction Book category in the New Mexico Press Women's 2012 Communications Awards. Available in hard cover and paperback. Rio Grande Books, 2011. Read a review. Find out more at Loretta's space history website.
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Underground Buildings: More than Meets the Eye
A beautifully illustrated, entertaining explanation of the advantages and challenges of earth-sheltered construction, told through descriptions of more than 100 US examples, mainly of civic, commercial, and educational buildings. Quill Driver Books, 2004. Find out more at Loretta's underground buildings website.
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Cover of "From Skyscrapers to Superdomes: Forces in Balance"
From Skyscrapers to Superdomes: Forces in Balance
A mid-school explanation of the basic laws of physics and how they affect the design of buildings. Newbridge Educational Publishing, 2006.
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Cover of "Out of this World: New Mexico's Contributions to Space Travel"
Space Pioneers in Their Own Words
Behind-the-scenes stories from 90 pioneers who worked in space programs from the mid-1940s through the space shuttle era. Winner of the Science category in the 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards and named "Best Book" of the contest. Read a review. For more information, visit Loretta's space pioneers website.
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Cover of "Space Pioneers: In Their Own Words"
The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List: 100 Space Things to Do Before You Die
For the true space enthusiast, reading news reports of space missions and astronomical spectacles is not enough. We need details. We want to be involved. We want to participate. This entertaining book offers 100 (plus a few bonus) ways to do that. Read a review. For more information, visit Loretta's space bucket list website.
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Miguel & Michelle Visit Spaceport America
Join two New Mexico students as their class embarks on a tour of the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport, located on the plains east of Truth or Consequences and north of Las Cruces. Their imaginations make the visit a fanciful excursion. Read a review.

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Cover of "Underground Buildings: More than Meets the Eye"
Cover of "Miguel & Michelle Visit Spaceport America"
Space Pioneers: In Their Own Words won a Gold Medal in the History category from the Military Writers Society of America in 2019.
Higher, Faster, Longer: My Life in Aviation and My Quest for Spaceflight
Loretta worked with legendary Wally Funk to record Wally's memoir of a glass-ceiling-breaking aviation career, an adventurous life, and a six-decade-long pursuit of spaceflight that may still happen! For more insights into Wally's amazing life and career, visit WallyFly.com.

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Higher Faster Longer: Aviator Extraordinaire
Co-author Janet Ivey Duensing (of Janet's Planet fame) has added features to engage young readers in this charming version of Wally Funk's story written for elementary and middle-school students.

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